Friday, December 26, 2008

Blowing a Gasket

The turkey and dumplings was sooo good. I made it early, and we had it for lunch. I added more dumplings at supper, and it was even better the second time.

Mostly yesterday, we cleaned and I did laundry. LOTS of laundry. Seems all of the sheets and blankets I was finding for Becky's visit, were covered in dog hair. I washed load after load of blankets, sheets, and pillows. (For some reason, the boys have an aversion to pillow cases... which means the pillows themselves had to be washed. Grr.)

I must have washed eight or nine loads of blankets and pillows and comforters. As they came out of the dryer, the boys were commanded to put them away WHERE THE DOGS COULD NOT GET ON THEM. This morning, I went to borrow Ben's computer to check my email. Piled on the bottom bunk in Ben's room was all the laundered bedding. Covered in dog fur... a dog nested in the middle of them.

I had a meltdown. As Hank the Cowdog describes Sally Mae- A Thermonuclear Moment.

So, Becky, I TRIED to have things clean and dog-fur- free for you. I have to go to work now and won't be able to re-do it all again today.

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