Monday, December 22, 2008

Their Secret is Safe With Me!

Saturday, two of my young male co-workers and two young male customers were examining a replacement part for a vehicle. The part was somewhat different than the old part, and our computer system simply said that the old style part was obsolete and unavailable.

These four guys are poring over this part, trying to figure out how it attached to the vehicle. They had been at it for 15 minutes or so.

I inquired, "Don't the instructions tell you how to connect it?" The instructions had been laying there the whole time, I assumed they had looked at them.

One guy remarked he didn't read very well. Another snapped "Real Men don't read instructions, they figure it out the hard way."

The one who said he didn't read well at least opened the instruction flyer... and it was illustrated! He can read illustrations!
The "Oh- I see!" "Yeah that's how it works!" "Simple!" were immediate.

I walked off shaking my head.
One of the guys yelled after me, "You can't let this get out! We have reputations to uphold!".



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LOL, My husband is definitely a read-the-directions, ask-for-directions kind of guy.