Monday, December 29, 2008

Sometimes, you just listen

Sunday mornings are usually quiet at Oreilly Auto Parts. Yesterday, I had barely clocked in when the phone rang. I answered... an elderly lady was asking about several parts for her truck. She said she really needed to get it fixed, as her husband had wanted her to use it as a farm truck. Maybe I remembered her husband?

While I didn't remember her husband specifically, her son (or grandson?) had been in last weekend. Oreilly tracks customer warranties by phone number. When this young man gave me the phone number, two names came up. I asked which he was Doug, or Dan? His eyes filled with tears and he told me Dan had passed away a few days before. I did remember the name from that encounter.

The lady went on to tell me all about how her husband had passed away- very suddenly. She was sobbing softly as she spoke. It had only been two weeks yesterday since he died, and she just needed to talk. Sometimes it is easier to talk to strangers- and she told me the whole story.

I'm glad we were not busy, and I had time just to hear her out.

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