Thursday, December 11, 2008

Less than Divine

Yesterday's attempt at divinity wasn't completely successful. It had a good flavor, but was refusing to lose its gloss and set up, despite over an hour of beating. We eventually poured it into a greased casserole dish and called it spoon divinity. THEN it set up somewhat.

Oh well. Guess I better re-invest in a candy thermometer. I don't know if my old one is packed in a box that hasn't been opened in almost five years, or if it got broken.
In our attempts to rearrange our storage of stock-up items yesterday I did open some of the long packed boxes. Now in 'every day' service as a fruit bowl is the fancy glass bowl I bought shortly after we moved to Oklahoma. I have kept it packed away, using it at Thanksgiving and other special occasions for nearly 20 years. It has been so long since this beautiful bowl has been out of its box, the twins didn't remember ever seeing it before.

We did make some major inroads into re-arranging the foodstuffs. Daniel has beautifully organised the lower cupboard where most of the canned goods reside. Sam was assigned to clean up and re-organise one of the bookcases in the living room, where some of my cookie jars will be moved to. He almost got one shelf done yesterday. I had to keep dragging him back to task from playing video games in Ben's room. Guess who will have double-duty today?

When we get our own place, I will get my grandmother's china that my mom has passed on to me. It has a forestly green pattern of pine or fir branches on it. I'd like to have a dining room that I could 'theme' around the china. Mom has a corner unit china hutch that my grandfather built, which she has been waiting to give to me when we get our own place. I will also inherit my great grandmother's 'pie safe'/ china cupboard someday from my Dad. I try to imagine where these items would be placed whenever we do look at houses.

Notice how positively I said when?

On today's agenda: More cleaning and re-arranging. I intend to tackle my bedroom- refolding my clothes that were once-upon-a-time all neatly arranged on various shelves that served as my dresser. They are currently heaped haphazardly all on the top shelf. Clear out the dust bunny collection, try to stay with making the bed every day.

I hope your day is blessed today, Thanks for reading!

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