Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For lunch today, I was looking for something warm. About 11, I decided to cook some red lentils. I sauteed some bacon and onions, and added them to the lentils. Tom came in at 11:25 as I was getting cornbread into the oven. The lentils were almost done! The red ones seem to cook really fast! (I seasoned them with onion, a bay leaf, garlic, salt and pepper). There were no leftovers! (Except cornbread, but I did just cook a small pan of it).

For supper tonight, I have to use up some half and half... so I will be making some alfredo sauce to serve over Amish style noodles. I will "oven fry" some of the breaded chicken breasts that mom brought us from Russellville last time she was here. I'm thinking I will steam some "broccoli normandy" as the vegetable... unless we still have salad to use up. I better go check on that!

Daniel and Sam and I are watching an old movie "Gremlins". I had never seen it before, and was surprised it was listed as a comedy instead of the 'horror' film I had always supposed it to be. We have been practically rolling in the floor laughing.

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