Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Morning

The house we looked at Friday is still on the list- actually, it IS the list. Tom did some more drive-by looking at other places while I was at work Sunday. Some of those, we really want to see. The main drawback of the doublewide we saw Friday is how much the bank wants down in order to finance. We did learn, it has 38 acres available- not just the one acre.

So we have expanded our search, looking at a few 'conventional' homes, before we make any decision. Yeah- pretty much what you figured, right?

I was really sick on Friday- my stomach was stabbing holes in me. I called in sick to work, and spent most of the day in bed. (Didn't even feel like looking at that house, but since it was a bit too late to cancel the appointment, we went). I was somewhat relieved when one of the twinks came down with stomach cramps later in the day.... not that I would wish that on anyone- but at least I could figure it wasn't the ulcers perforating my stomach. It seemed to be a 24-36 hour bug. I felt better Saturday, and back to normal on Sunday.

I have errands to run this morning, then have to work this evening from 3 to close (7pm). We got the van back on Friday. I took it to work yesterday. I swear, it is a deer magnet. Last time I drove it- on the way to have it estimated for repair from the deer accident- a herd of deer jumped the fence ahead of me. I stopped and waited until they moved on. So yesterday, I topped one of the hills on the way to work... and a deer scurried out of the road ahead of me. When I see ONE deer- I look closely. They almost never travel alone. Sure enough, a second deer is bunched to leap the fence. I stopped. The deer didn't jump. She ran back the way she had come.... looked confused, and headed to the fence again. She bunched again... turned again, and ran far into the woods the way she came. So no deer accidents for me.

Oh, I got a phone call from Bill Joe. The eye specialist diagnosed him with "Keratoconus", a progressive disease of the eyes. It is in its earliest stages. There are treatments to slow the progress, but no cure. (I may not have spelled it correctly.)

We are expecting "weather" by tomorrow. Not sure how bad.

Guess that is all for now!

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