Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Monday, Y'all

It is cold! the front hit yesterday evening just moments after I got off work. The roads are frozen with an ice/snow mix... but the yards are mostly just naked.

With the blizzard across most of the western plains pushing its way east, towns everywhere breaking records for cold and snow... it is hard to believe in global warming, isn't it? The twins said that we no longer have global warming, because Barack Obama was elected. He isn't even in office yet... and already global warming is a thing of the past.

Matt's Mom asked me if he could stay until 7 or so tonight, and then she is taking off the rest of the week. She doesn't drive on this stuff. Ben will get his first experience this afternoon... but I am more worried about his drive home tonight.

At work, it is Oreilly's annual inventory count at my store. We have been "pre-counting" and setting things in order. I have been dreaming I was counting things all night long... for two nights now! Nothing like dreaming you are working to make you wake up tired.

We made breakfast burritos this morning... using up the rest of a stick of Blue and Gold sausage, and a dozen eggs. The remaining filling is made into burritos and put into the freezer, ready for a quick breakfast later on. Daniel has made Banana Bread twice this week, using up soft bananas. We will need to bake something today to help keep the house warm. Since I planned to make soup from leftovers of roasted veggies, maybe we will make some of Grandma Ruby's dinner rolls. We halved the recipe last time, and it was the perfect amount.

Guess I ought to get dressed and get things rolling here.
Keep warm!

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