Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Word of the Day

"Dramastically"... Daniel used this word to refer to the tax rate drop in his Sim City town. "I dropped the tax rate dramastically!"
It seems to combine drastically with dramatically and/or fantastically.

I love the new words these guys come up with.

And Becky's birthday gift has already arrived at the Site to Store pick-up! Whoo hoo. That is FAST!

Since she now already knows what it is, I can tell you... I still got her a sewing machine, just not the el-cheapest one.

Jade also called to report the arrival of her birthday gift- drawing materials; including pads, pencils and a 'how to' book. She was pleased.

Guess I better get my other items mailed off to Chris and to Uncle Buck. I found UB (and myself) some salt free lemon pepper seasoning, as well as some tomato basil SF seasoning. Last night, I made some veggie dip with fat free sour cream, a dab of miracle whip, and some of the tomato basil seasoning (Bell's). It was great! Tonight, I have lemon pepper chicken in the crock-pot. Owing to a slow start, I am cooking the rice on the stove top, and will add it to the chicken once it is done.

Have a great evening!

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