Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mom radar...

I went to bed last night with Daniel's full assurance that he would take his last doses of antibiotics for the day before he went to bed.

At a few minutes before 2 am, I was having some interesting, complicated dream about who knows what... when I was brought instantly awake by a small call of "mom?".

I was completely awakened by the call. He had called softly, just once, from the hallway outside my bedroom door.

How many years has it been since I have had to have the "mom radar" on alert for calls in the night?

The twins were three or four when they began sleeping through the night consistently... in their own beds. They are 12 now.

Daniel had fallen asleep and forgotten to take his antibiotics. When he awoke at nearly 2, he wasn't sure what he should do. Strangely, he woke up at exactly the time that the 3X a day medication SHOULD have been taken, if I had been adhering to a strict every 8 hours schedule.

Not wanting to set an alarm and waken him during the night, I had just said for him to take both antibiotics when the 2X a day was due up, which was just about the time he normally heads for bed on a weekend. (During the week, Dan is usually in bed early, as I am. So I didn't think 10:30 was too late for him to be counted on to take his drugs without a reminder.)

His arm looks significantly better today.

The bathroom has been disassembled down to the fixtures and tile... scrubbed... and all the contents sprayed with Lysol before being returned.

In other rooms, the couches were sprayed, the doorknobs, light switches, video game controls, Mouses... (Why isn't the plural of a computer mouse "mice"?), keyboards, Dan's mattress. His bedding was washed again. (We have been washing it almost daily since this outbreak.)

This morning, Ben was already dressed for work when I came out. His hours as The Banana King were changed today... working 9 am to 6:00pm. Ben was looking for his toothbrush. I told him where the one tray of bathroom items was that had missed being replaced yesterday. His toothbrush wasn't there. Why wasn't it with the rest of the toothbrushes? Because Ben keeps his in the SHOWER on the hanging shampoo caddy. I had thought the toothbrush I found there was a scrubbing toothbrush... and had doused it with Lysol.

EEEEW! WHY would he keep his toothbrush in the shower?

(Fortunately, I keep a supply of new toothbrushes on hand)

Today we will repeat the cleaning of the twins' bedroom. Only with MOM's idea of 'finished' instead of Dad's. The shelves will be wiped down, their Lego creations and other collections sprayed with Lysol. I intend to conquer this stinking staph germ!

Have a great day, everyone!

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