Monday, December 1, 2008


and things I forgot to mention....

Tommy made it all the way home to Snanjlo this morning.

It has been snowing since yesterday... with less accumulation than it takes to cover the ground. I ran my errands... in the snow... and it began to sleet on me on the way home. Then it went back to snow, but added enough moisture that the 'dry' snow is now good for making miniature snowmen. (Which Dan and Sam are out trying to do during their lunch break.)

We DID stop at the Runestone State Park in Heavener, Oklahoma on our way to Dad's last week. It was pretty cool. The runes have been translated... discovered to be a property marker. (Glom's Valley.... or something like that.) The paths down to the rune stone are beautiful... native stone. They even used the stone to make walls with "railings" of stone along the paths. We didn't go inside the gift shop... but hey, I finally got to stop along the way for a scenic detour!

Once back from errands, I did order Becky a birthday presnt... but not the one I mentioned to her yesterday. I had my eye on a cute little sewing machine. Like the doggy nail trimmer, I decided to read some customer reviews about it on Amazon. Of 40 reviews, there were only two positive reviews, and four mediocre reviews. The rest were all bad reviews... and I suspect that if the reviewers could have given it less than a 1/2 star rating, it would have been in negative stars. So I chose something else. (Guess one should not expect much from a $35 machine). (Sorry Becky!)

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Becky said...

Well at least I know Tommy is back in town. It is 5 o'clock here and I haven't even heard from the guys yet. I did not get to go to town as planned because I had to babysit, which I didn't know til we were in bed last night.