Friday, March 20, 2009

Ahhh Spring....

I forced myself out yesterday afternoon and got my hair cut. Just a simple layer cut, top of the collar length. And cutie patootie little "bangs". Mr C noticed my haircut today. So it must not have been too bad. Not like the time he freaked out and told me to "put on a hat... and find someone who could "fix it" right away!".

I have been fighting my printer all morning. I tried cleaning the rollers, as it keeps wadding up the paper... or printing half a page, stops rolling through, and prints the rest of the page in one spot. I waste more time fighting the printer than teaching. After "working" on the rollers... the ink cartridge carrier went to trying to beat a hole in the side of the printer. "WHAM!" back up for a running start.... "WHAM!"
Over and over.

I finally got it readjusted back to "normal"... which for this printer is working part time.

Mr C reluctantly says he guesses he will have to go buy a new computer and printer. Whatever will I do without my windows 98? *sarcasm* (He didn't say WHEN)

Mr C has gone to town to procure some mower tires. The mowers tires are Original Equipment... and we got the mower in '98 or '99. They have been plugged, patched, slimed, and babied along for several years now. He gave me a filter number to take to work with me today and try to match. Mowing season is about to begin. Back in Marlow... mowing season usually lasted to about mid June... requiring twice a week mowing from late Februaury to late June... then resume again in late September to mid- November. The blast-furnace heat and lack of rain would make the grass a crisp hay color during the height of the summer.

I suppose it is time for me to get busy with the pre- work chores around here. have a great day.


Becky said...

Cutie patootie bangs huh? Sounds like a 3 year old hair cut. :D I re trimmed my bangs yesterday. I need to get my hair trimmed, but haven't, I hate paying for a full over priced in the first place hair cut, just to get an inch or two...or maybe 4 this time, cut off.

Mom/Grandma Rose said...

Well, Becky, her bangs were very cutie patootie when she WAS three, even if I do say so myself...just look at the picture on the cover of her book if'n you don't believe me!! So true about the overpriced cuts...just flip that ponytail around front and take it off yourself...I know I could have done my last cut as well as the lady that did it...I think Tyrel could have. Hugs to all of you

truth said...

Our husbands must be related. Michael can be brutally honest like that. I'll buy a new outfit and think it looks great. He'll let me know he thinks it isn't flattering and it totally ruins it for me.