Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chilly Weather...

March had another lion's roar this week. After more than a week of very pleasant spring weather, we are back into the upper 20's and mid 30's. Today's forecast calls for freezing rain or snow. Maybe.

Yesterday I took advantage of the cooler temperatures to make a pot of chili. Somehow, it just isn't a summer dish. It turned out pretty well, I thought. But now we also have plenty of leftovers: enchiladas, a grilled pork steak, and chili.

The grey weather, the cold... my glum mood... all seem to fit together pretty well. I just want to sleep. I gave serious consideration to a nap yesterday, but never did lay down. I figured a late nap would keep me awake half the night. I slept well, and sure didn't want to "rise and shine" this morning.

I didn't make it out to buy dog food yesterday, or the day before. The boys went to the library yesterday (Ben drove) but I just stayed home. I forgot to tell them to get dog food. I am thinking that when Ben wakes up today, I will send him for dog food... and maybe take Sam to exchange the sneakers for something he will wear. If Benny doesn't go, I will wait until Matthew goes home and run to town before supper.

Dan and Sam have started the next level in much of their schoolwork. We got the new "Building Thinking Skills", which is actually divided into two books. I am using them simultaneously. I failed to lay my hands on my Saxon 8/7 book, but did come up with the Saxon Algebra 1/2 course. After looking it over, I decided it was probably a better choice than the 8/7 anyway.

We got some interesting mail yesterday. Two identical envelopes, one addressed to Benjamin C**** and the other addressed to Stan C****. Upon discovering that these were information packets regarding a graduation ceremony for GED students, we surmised that "Stan" must be "Stephen", which is Tommy's first name. I have no idea how they came up with "Stan". However, the ceremony is the same date as a small family reunion in Ohio, and neither Ben nor Tommy seemed too keen on the ceremony anyway. (May 9th).

So, more of the same old stuff around here. Hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you are doing.


Mom said...

cut the pork steak into the chilli, dump it over the enchiladas and poke it thru the airways to me YUMMMMMMM!

Tommy said...

Tommy? Who is that? Oh,you mean Stan. That is if you were reffering to me.