Thursday, March 5, 2009

Turkey makes you slee...snzzzzzzzzzzz

I ought to be plenty refreshed and well slept this morning. I couldn't hold my eyes open by 7:30 last night. I fought it until almost 8 pm, then gave in and went to bed. Tom came in yawning as I was putting my PJs on, saying he couldn't figure out why he was so sleepy.

I offered the explanation that it was the turkey I had made for supper. Back in November and December, when turkey prices were really low, I bought several. After thawing in the fridge for a couple of days, I decided yesterday's bird was thawed enough to cook. In a slow oven... 250*-300*, I figured it would take a good four and a half or five hours. I put it on to cook shortly after noon. By 1:30, the little auto-pop timer had sprung.


I left it to cook another half hour before figuring I better test it. Sure enough, it was falling off the bones done.

Dan and Sam and I "tested" it for flavor. MMMM. (We repeated the test several times during the afternoon to be sure!)

But it sure makes a person sleepy. I slept hard all night, and could have kept right on snoozing this morning, except that I have to go meet a lady and pick up some girl scout cookies I ordered.


Becky said...

Oh sure get girl scout cookies AFTER I leave. Maybe I should cook a turkey for Stephen to sleep better.

Mom said...

Don't eat em all up before I come up either haha I have it figured out that ANYTHING I EAT makes MW sleepy !!!