Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dirty Pictures

Here are the pictures taken of my first use of the Dyson on just the 9x5 area rugs. That is a LOT of dirt. I bet some of it may have been with us since Marlow.
I did more cleaning yesterday- my first real opportunity to try out some of the features of the vacuum.
Between the hardwood floors, cobwebs, and miniblinds... I filled the tank a second time.

I finally did give up and toss some of the miniblinds... they were too damaged to salvage, even after cleaning. A few months back, Jaffa, our Beagle/Rat Terrier mix cat was sitting on the window sill barking at everything that moved guarding the house, when someone knocked on the door. In his leap from the windowsill, he got tangled in the cord to the miniblind. Finding himself tangled and restrained... he struggled, yelped, thrashed, screamed like he was being murdered, and ripped down the blinds... which broke into semi-salvageable bits. The broken blinds have been put up with, until I was cleaning yesterday.
I took that blind down, and sent Ben to WM for new ones.... among other errands.
Ben came back without new blinds. He couldn't FIND them. Yes. My son who works at WM couldn't find miniblinds. With the innate reluctance of true males, he also didn't ASK anyone where to find them. So I hung a blanket up last night.

We haven't got any of the rain from the collision of fronts moving across the nation, but we sure have had wind. LOTS of wind. Howling, screeching winds, that switch directions several times a minute. Not good for sleeping... with the closed doors rattling like ghosts are trapped behind them.
Got a call from Bill yesterday.... he is officially judged and decreed to be Nickole's custodial parent. She appears to be allergic to Pampers brand diapers... and is up to 8 lbs. 8 oz at just under 1 month old.
Got a call from Chris yesterday... reminding all of Seneca's birthday party set for the first weekend in April.
Got a call from Becky yesterday.... Ty'ger is doing well at potty training.
DIDN'T get a call from Tommy..... no reason why I should have. He is working full time at one job and having a trial run at another job- and possible career- as a farrier.

Have a blessed day!


Becky said...

Oh sure, I never get to know about birthday parties!

MOM said...

Yea, me too...wonder if they are telling us not to come tee hee WE even went over for dinner last night. and they didn't tell US about any party..U heard Seneca tell Chris she ordered the crawfish. and he was saying how many people would be there and I said be there for what..and 'Crawfish for what??..but neither answered either question..Maybe a wild party and we are too old!! Probably forgot we don't "myspace"... .Chris fixed Pork Chops and sauerkraut for dinner and it was really good.. all of your kids do a great job in that department.. First Ralph said no we won't come..but then when Chris called back to see if Roger left yet...he decided we would too go...that may or may not be why Chris made Brats also. Have a good day..hope you don't get any strong storms...we had that wind here too. Mom