Monday, March 2, 2009

What a week!

Tyrel at Chris' house

We made our trip to DFW last week, arriving Monday afternoon. Chris and Seneca came over for supper, bringing Jade, Amber, and Gavin. Daniel and Sam went home with them, as they have more sleeping room than my Mom does.

Tuesday, I went to the airport and picked up Becky and Tyrel. We went to see Chris and Seneca at their house. Sam had been asking if we could eat lunch at Pancho's Mexican Buffet... so we all headed that way. The twins once again went home with Chris and Seneca, while my Mom, Becky, and I went to our favorite local thrift store, and then on to see my Granny. Granny was napping, so we didn't stay at all. From the rest home, we went to see my Aunt Jean... and she didn't let us dig through her garage after all, looking for photos.

Becky and I dropped Mom off at her house and headed back to Chris' to get the twins. We visited a short while, then headed back to Mom's for supper... where we bake a couple of Papa Murphy's Take and Bake Double Pizza's. Those were GOOD!

Supper wasn't much more than finished when I got a call from Bill, who put LR on. She was thinking she might be in labor, though not having regular contractions. I suggested a nap after a warm bath. Less than an hour later, we got the call, LR was at the hospital... her water had broken and labor was happening. I decided that we would sleep at Mom's then head out to Duncan the next morning.
Gavin says Ice Cream is GOOD!

Chris holding Gavin, Becky holding Tyrel, Daniel, Samuel, Jade and Amber February 25, 2009

The call for baby's birth came shortly after midnight! Becky and Ty were trying to sleep on one love seat, I was on the couch, and Dan and Sam had staked out bits of carpet to sleep for the night... we were very cozy. Morning got off to a chaotic start... several things had been left at Chris' and we had to head back there before heading to Oklahoma. We finally arrived about noon.

Baby Nickole was precious, so tiny and perfect! She has red-blonde peach fuzz, exactly like my niece. After visiting awhile,we went to Bill's house. We then learned that Nickole wasn't being released from the hospital after all, and that Bill and Glynna were staying with her, so Becky and I decided NOT to stay at Bill's. We headed back to Arkansas at 7pm. Taking the turnpike, we made great time, getting home by 11:30.
This was a good move, as it began to snow on Friday! It snowed all day Saturday. It covered the ground, but really didn't "stick". It was a fine, powdery snow. It was useless for snowballs or building snowmen.

Which is how we ended up having Becky and Ty here for an unexpected visit. I dropped them off at the airport this morning. Stephen has been anxious to get them home. Dan went with me, and we ran our errands, leaving Ben and Sam with Matthew. I got Alana's birthday gift in the mail... she will be 6 on Thursday, and my Dad will see the anniversary of his birth pass on Friday. (He says he gave up birthdays!). I sent Tom's Mom a package she requested, and mailed off Becky's stuff. (Cheaper to mail than to pay extra for a checked bag!)

Work was busy... and now I am back to the same old same old.

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truth said...

My goodness that was a busy time. Do you like getting back to the routine or would you rather remain on the fly?