Monday, March 9, 2009

Hold that football, Lucy!

Charlie Brown (me!) is setting up to kick it between the goalposts.

At the risk of being premature in the announcement, Mr C says we ARE going to put in an offer on the house in Colcord. We did a second, hour-long inspection of the place on Friday, and told the agent that IF we put in an offer it would be no later than today. This morning when Mr C left for work, it was YES we will put in an offer.

After 5 years (this month) of renting, I am thrilled... even if it is less SF than we have now. To make up for the loss of square feet, this place has a 24x30 shop with a concrete floor and electricity. Much of the stuff currently stored in the laundry room and on the front porch will go to live in the shop. I will probably have to give my tree to Laurie and Andrew... it can soar to new heights in their dome! (I have several of its "babies".)
Stay tuned for the outcome of this venture...

The boys and I need to go procure sneakers and undies today. In my usual procrastinating manner, I was going to put it off until this afternoon. But if we are otherwise occupied in doing "offer" paperwork, the shoes or the offer would be postponed for another day ... if I don't go do it this morning. So we are preparing to run errands. I need to stop at Lowes and at Sears to price stoves and vaccuum cleaners. (just as if we are REALLY taking the house!)
I also intend to stop at the local grocery store and take advantage of their latest canned goods by the case sale.
The boys... actually Daniel and Matthew... are ready to go, so I suppose it is time I hit post... brushed my hair and got under way!

Have a blessed day!

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Tommy said...

Mom, it is not Colcord it's Calkerd.