Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The misadventures of Beans and Cornbread...

It's what's for dinner.
Being raised in the south, this means PINTO beans. Not having a handy dandy hambone, I had Ben pick up "about 1/4 lb of ham, or 3 slices" of deli ham for seasoning. The slices were HUGE... and cost nearly $8.00! Yikes. That's what I get for not going myself!
The next misadventure of the meal was trying to make the cornbread. My dry ingredients include a small amount of white sugar. Non-negotiable. I looked for 45 minutes for my canister of white sugar... scorching the butter that was melting in the cast iron skillet in the oven during my search. Sugar found... I was adding the "wet" ingredients, milk and eggs.
Guys, is it really so difficult to MARK the hard boiled eggs in some manner? I'm sure you would have all had a huge laugh at the look on my face when I cracked the hard boiled egg into my bowl!

I forgot it was in the oven. It is QUITE a toasty brown.
Hope I do better when I cook the turkey I have thawing, tomorrow or the next day!

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Mom said...

That's my girl for sure tee hee
I bet the end results are yummy anyways. Have a good evening. bugs and squishes Mom