Monday, March 23, 2009


I got home from work yesterday evening, and Mr C said he hadn't fixed anything for dinner yet. Then he asked me if I would like to go out and eat.


Now, for many people, this is not a "wow" moment... much less a WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I can count on one hand... with fingers left over..... the number of times in 24 years and 7 months of marriage that my DH has suggested, voluntarily, that we go out and eat.
Unless we are travelling, we MIGHT average eating out once a year. Probably less. Mr C just does NOT eat out.

So we all went to the Hunan Buffet in Siloam Springs. It was good.

My work weekend was .... annoying. It is my job to put out the labels when products have a change in price. The labels are printed with a leading label indicating which product section the items can be found in, as well as in what numbered order they are found. I have been having more and more trouble locating products where they ought to be. How hard is it to go to the Car Polish section and change the labels on items 3, 4, 19, 22, 56?
Hard... when the products have been scrambled like eggs and my numbered items go 6, 7, 52,96, 12, 3, 9..
I thought it was a "simple" mistake. Except when I went to correct it, I had to totally re-do entire sections. A case of One Thing Leads To Another. I literally spent two days correcting the Appearance Chemicals (20 ft section x 6 shelves) and the Maintenance Chemicals (16 ft x 7 shelves). I found eight different products "missing" that should have been on the display shelves. I located them in the storage room. Their tags had been removed from the shelves and just "whatever" set on the shelves. It took two full days to set it all to right.

My new vacuum cleaner came on Friday. While the only "carpet" I have in this house is two 9x5 area rugs, I am tired of dog hair all over the couches as well. I got a model that promises to work well on hard floors, and has plenty of attachments to use on the furniture, cobwebs and various other places a vacuum comes in handy. Mr C had it all put together when I got home Friday, and had tested it on ONE of the rugs. He left the other rug for me. The large dust catching canister had almost two cups of dirt and dog hair... from ONE rug. (Yes, I took pictures... I will post them later when Ben wakes up,so I can use his computer.) Once the twins are on their school work this morning, I will be playing with my Dyson. It is a refurbished model, so it was far less expensive than the brand new ones. Stay tuned for "dirty pictures"!


Becky said...

:O Wow, I don't ever remember DAD suggesting eating out. I remember him letting us order a pizza occasionally in Marlow when I learned to drive and could go pick it up...but not Dad suggest we go eat!

Mom said...

Maybe dear ole dad will think about it more often now that he is 'in charge of the meals' on those days you work....when hs is too worn out from the chores and such. We can always hope anyways. Glad you got the new sounds like it really sucks. Love ya teeps. Mom

Ceci said...

Congrats on the vacuum Tammy! That sounds like my DH who also never suggests we go would be a miracle if he did. Glad you enjoyed it! :)