Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is "Friday" for Tom, and for Matt. And "Sunday" for me. Back to Oreilly's tomorrow.
I don't feel like I have accomplished anything all week. I packaged up a box of gifts for Nickole on Monday. Went to town... left the box at home. Tuesday, I went to the store... reminding myself to mail that box on the way. I forgot to take it with me. Yesterday I went to the library... didn't even THINK about mailing the box. So I sent Ben, along with some money, to mail it. I'm sure you'd be surprised to hear... Ben forgot the box. Maybe a special trip... Oh wait, we tried that! So instead of little Nickole having her goodies today- which she would have if the box had gone Monday- it sits here mocking me.

Our St Patricks day celebration meal was postponed until yesterday... I didn't have any ground pork for our eggrolls. Tom asked me what do eggrolls have to do with St Patricks day? They have cabbage in them! We had the eggrolls yesterday- and they sure were good. (Tuesday we did my own interpretation of sesame chicken. I left off the glaze -also my own interpretation, and served it on the side. Tom liked the chicken.)

I never did get out and get my hair trimmed/cut. I did get what pictures I had of Mr C's family uploaded to shutterfly- from the library. On Ben's computer, (which is faster than mine, even though we are on the same dial-up line), takes about 15 to 45 minutes PER PICTURE to upload. At the library, whoo hoo! I had 50 photos loaded in less than 8 minutes... including log in time! I could learn to love high speed internet in nothing flat. Oh well... for now, I continue to practice my Jedi patience skills.
The book is coming along quite well. I wish I had more/ better pictures to choose from. You know how it used to be... you send the not-quite-good shots off to the relatives (like me), keeping the best pictures for your own albums and for your parents. So the ones I have aren't particularly stellar. Oh well- I gave them all a chance to be represented in better pictures. It isn't turning out anything like I had originally envisioned.

Well, enough time has passed on here that the Post Office ought to be open. I'm out the door- box in hand!


SenecaJ said...

You need a vacation.

btw, go check out my new blogspot!

truth said...

You fogetting the box like that makes me feel so much better. That happens to me more times than I care to admit.