Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Charlie Brown makes his run at the football....

And Lucy yanks it away.

What did I expect?

I got fed up with waiting and waiting... and called the real estate agent for the second time today. (She still had not returned my first call... no explanations as to why she didn't call when she said she would, nor why she had not returned my call from four hours ago.)

The counter- offer was FULL ASKING PRICE.

The homeowner is not budging off it.

"It was appraised for more than this just two months ago".

Yeah. And how many offers has he had? One besides ours, and the other fell through.... and it has been on the market for a number of months.

Tom may have gone for a reasonable compromise... but not this.

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truth said...

Hello? Are they not aware of our current economic crisis and the lousy economy??? Weird if you ask me. Maybe they don't really want to sell.

Hugs to you.