Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A couple of months ago we looked at a house that was sold the same day we looked at it. I took that very well, saying that it just wasn't the place God has in mind for us. Once I had told our extended family that we are not getting the house we made the offer on this week... several of them repeated to me that this was just NOT the place God has for us.

Nola, (my friend and daughter Becky's MIL), has been posting Bible verses on her blog. A recent one was the verse about God giving his children good and perfect gifts. Why would I think that God would not want a better place for us than this mobile home? The two things it had going for it were the shop, and it had a few acres.
Against it were its size... smaller than we are now in- which is already too small. It was in a 'ranchette' division, where the family going out plinking would be impossible. It had city water... which is barely tolerable when visiting. I'd really hate having to drink it full time. It needed several repairs- which factored into our offer.
Why would God place us in a house where we would be cramped and miserable?
He wouldn't. So He graciously blocked the deal. He prevented us from boxing ourselves into the wrong place.
I can cast aside the "we can make it work", and "maybe it won't be so bad". I can forget about trying to fit my bookcases and homeschooling supplies into a place that had no good place to keep them.
I am far from 'sour grapes' this morning. I am relieved.
And full of hope that God will get us to the right place at the right time.


Becky said...

Yaaay Mom!

MOM said...

I know how difficult it is on you not having your place to call 'home' but I feel like you did about that just didn't seem like something you could 'learn to love'. Just keep on praying (and looking) In the meantime remember that HOME IS WHERE THE HERD IS !!! Love you bunches