Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ok, not as blizzardy as many places got it. Mr C woke me this morning... leaving me with about 8 minutes to be dressed and out the door to be at work on time. It was sprinkling when I left the house, and began to sleet as I headed to work. By the time I arrived (I only live 8 miles) it was sleeting so hard I was literally covered by the time I dashed from the car in the door. The sleet soon changed to snow. We had me, boss, two newbies on the job... and virtually no customers. I volunteered to cut the work force... and went home about 9:30. I scraped over an inch of snow off the car windshield (I'd been inside an hour and a half) and it was "drifted" deeper on the back glass. The road home was slippery slush.
This soon melted off. Then it began again, as the storm circled around to hit us afresh. So we have had snow all day. At the end of March. In the SOUTH.
I haven't done much today... got one load on to wash and cooked a DEELICIOUSSS roast beast.

Tom wanted to do a drive by on a place that just came on the market. We found the road, but not the house. After wandering about the back roads for 45 minutes, we stumbled onto a road we knew and came on home. Wouldn't a place on "Coon Hollow" Road just be so "us"?

Dan and Sam are out building a snow palace. Temps tomorrow are supposed to be in the upper 60's.

Oh, and it looks like we WILL get to go to Senequa's birthday bash next weekend. So far, plans are falling into place. Woo hoo!

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Mom said...

Woo Hoo-- and maybe I will even have a floor to set the airbed is looking promising!!All that is lacking now is the 'flooring" and painting the walls.