Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Book completed...

I sent the photo book for Tom's Mom's birthday off to be printed last night. I was really tempted to have it sent here first, a) so I could see it, and b) it is still a couple of weeks until her birthday. But finance won out... why pay for shipping it twice?
I got started on the next one- for mother's day- a little while ago.
Some updates from previous posts:
Ben did get me my new mini-blinds the next day. They are hung up on clean windows and look quite nice.
I have vacuumed my room- except deep under the bed- which would require help for the bed to be disassembled and removed from the room. The front room and hallway are squeaky clean... though the school work bookcase is still in shambles.

The power outage that we suspected was caused by a co-workers car- was indeed their car. They missed a turn on the unfamiliar road. All four of the family members were in the vehicle, and are all just fine- other than being shaken up and bruised. This happened at the very same corner where Matt's Dad hit a pack of coyotes while making the corner from the opposite direction. Our road is rife with 90* turns- and someone keeps removing the warning signs.
I got an unexpected day off today... Matt's Dad is working from home. So far, I really haven't accomplished anything useful. (Except to order Seneca's birthday present). The next two birthdays I have to worry about are Tommy's on April 22nd, and Bill Joe's on the 29th. I am open to suggestions for gift ideas for them. Being a somewhat practical person (except for this photo thing), I have trouble giving gifts that aren't useful. Ben suggested getting Tommy a sword. Um... it ain't happening. With a few weeks to think it over... I hope to come up with something for each that is both useful and appreciated.

I suppose I ought to get off the computer now and do SOMETHING. Maybe vacuum the rugs again, LOL.

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Becky said...

Oh Oh, I know what Tommy wants. It is both useful and will be appreciated....Uh, well you'll have to ask him for specifics, but their is a certain kind of Bible he has been wanting. It links verses to each other so you can see how they relate to one another...or something like that.