Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still holding my breath...

Tom had me call the real estate lady yesterday and make our offer. (Mr C just does NOT make phone calls). She was going to call the home owner and see if he accepts it, and then call us at six pm last night. She STILL hasn't called! I would think she would of at least had the courtesy to let us know SOMETHING... such as she couldn't get hold of the owner- or that the owner is thinking it over.

How hard can it be to get hold of the owner?
While the real estate agent hasn't come out and said so, I have figured out that the owner is another agent in her own office. She showed us the property next door to this one, which is also for sale. In the garage were stacks of real estate signs for the same company. When she forgot the key to show us this place the second time, she went next door and got it... and the owner who "met us at the property" is the same guy in the family photo's next door. She introduced him as "Gerald"... and in the yellow pages ad, "Gerald #####" is listed as an agent in this woman's same real estate office. (I love detective novels and TV shows... I was paying attention!)
So yell over the top of the cubicle already... "Gerald, there is an offer on your property!" and call us back.
We have sold a house before... the guy certainly must already know how much he is willing to accept for the place.

Yeah. Maybe I am a bit impatient.
I got Dan and Sam sneakers yesterday. I KNOW better than to buy shoes for a kid not with me. But I did. Sam says they are OK in length, but too tight.
They are an EXTRA WIDE. There is NO WAY they are too tight. I told him if he didn't like them I would take them back... but I still didn't believe they were too tight. Finally, the problem is admitted... they expose his ankles.
It is one of those little idiosyncrasies we all have tucked away some place. Sam wants a shoe that "supports" his ankles.

I thought I was doing so well on my errands yesterday, pulling into the driveway at noon. Except my car clock had not been set ahead yet... and it was ONE in the afternoon. Mr C was leaving back to work from his lunch, rather than just getting home.

I had stopped and put my check in the bank, stopped at Sears and priced stoves, got the shoes, went to WM and got shorts, undies, and A shirts for the boys, went to Lowes and priced stoves (found the one I WANT!... but it probably isn't the one I will GET), then stopped at the grocery store in Gentry to shop the ending sale for last week. The new sale starts tomorrow, and I want stuff from both flyers. Matt was pretty good. He thought about pitching a fit in Lowes... but I dissuaded him of the notion pretty quick.
We have had gorgeous weather the last several days, though windy. Daffodils are blooming everywhere. The weather guessers keep predicting storms... and the storms keep missing us entirely. Was it two, or three, years ago this month that the tornado took the shingles off our roof? Tom let play Matt play outside ALL DAY Sunday. I asked him if he had put sunscreen on him, and Tom looked at me like I had two heads.
Yesterday, I thought Matt had a high fever when he woke up... until I realized it was sunburn. He was upset that I refused to let him play outside. He was not blistered, but it wouldn't take much more sun. If it is nice today, he can go out for a little while. Mr C doesn't realize it takes awhile to get tanned enough to stay outside for an extended time.
Well, That's about all for this morning. I'm back to waiting on word from the agent!

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truth said...

Sounds like possibly the homeowner is writing a counter offer?

I wish I had daffodils. They are such a lovely flower.