Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Did you pay the electric bill?

Less than 2 minutes before Mr C got home last night, our power went out. It is prone to occasional lapses, normally coming back on within a few seconds. Last night, it didn't. Mr C turned on the generator, as I finished up supper. We had a very quiet meal by candlelight (and lamp... via the generator.) Then Mr C decided he better go get some more gasoline, as we didn't know how long we would be without power.

He called a few moments later... just at last sharp corner before our road straightens out... a car was smashed into a pole. The power company was already on the scene. There was no one in the car when Mr C went by... but he is pretty sure it is one of my American Eagle co-workers, Brandon's, car. It is a small red car with an LSU bumpersticker. Pretty distinctive here in the AR Razorback/ OU territory. Tom said he remembered seeing a woman driving the car meeting him as he drove home- so the accident may have involved Thomasina, Brandon's wife. We have said prayers for them, for whoever was driving the car.

Power was restored just before 1 this morning.

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truth said...

That is scary. Glad you have your power back.