Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bombs Away!!!!

Matthew gave me the day off. (Actually it was his Mommy- who needed a day off herself!) So the boys and I prepared and set up the bug bombs to rid us of spiders. We loaded fishing poles, a cooler, camp chairs, and snacks into the van. Leashed the dogs, and were ready to set off the bombs and leave for four hours. I told Tommy to start the van before we set off the bombs.

Good thing I did. The van refused to start. Not sure if it is the battery or the starter. The boys fiddled with it for awhile, tried charging it up, tightening battery cables. It still didn't work. After an hour of trying, we chained the dogs outside, transferred ourselves to the car, set off the bombs and left. We couldn't take the poles because they don't fit into the car trunk.

What we did do was drive east of here, east of Rogers, and checked out some places near Beaver Lake. We found a hiking trail and traipsed that, then drove around looking for places to access the lake. Didn't find many.

Arkansas has an annoying habit of painting the yellow double striped lines down the middle of a road, then the road suddenly drops off into a gravel cow trail going nowhere. We found SEVERAL of those. And what is UP with the asphalt spreading? Random segments of road looked as if a dump truck of asphalt had spilled, been spread over half the road for no particular reason, and not particularly well... and then repeated down the road, time after time. Very poorly done.

We came home just as our four hours were up, cleaned up the mess and have been venting the house for the last couple of hours.

One thing we discovered, that will upset Chris: Silk Road Chinese is GONE! We had decided to go there for lunch before starting our drive. Some chicken joint is in Silk Roads place. (For those of you who don't know- Silk Road Chinese on Walton Blvd in Bentonville had THE BEST Beef and Broccoli I have ever had.)

Tomorrow is Ben and Tommy's "orientation" for the GED Test... be praying for them!

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