Thursday, May 15, 2008

I love getting packages in the mail!

Today the postman brought TWO packages. One was Ben's new computer screen for his laptop. (The laptop was given to him because it had a broken screen). He ordered the new screen off of eBay.

The second package was from Maverick Books!

With Daniel and Sam's birthday approaching, We went ahead and set them up as members of "Hank's Security Force". I also ordered several of the Hank the Cowdog books, which we have been eager to get started reading! The Security Force membership included a brand new poster- their old poster was getting quite decrepit.

Today I also got a catalog from one of my favorite companies, "The Critical Thinking Co." It is so hard to choose just a FEW items to supplement our curriculum.

We are on our next-to-the-last unit in Science. There are just three units to go in Social Studies. As we intend to continue right on through the summer- I will be looking at all the catalogs coming in, so I can decide what we need. Want. Need. Want. NEED! (Yeah, I WANT a whole lot more than I NEED!)
I am not quite halfway through "Building Thinking Skills" (Critical thinking Company). I will definitly NEED the next book in this series. But it can wait awhile.

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