Sunday, May 18, 2008

The reading Light is ON

I always love the moment that the "reading light" comes on for my kids. The moment in time when they realize that reading a book can take them other places, and the characters come alive in their minds.

Daniel has taken a bit longer than the rest of the kids- but the light is now on. This weekend, Daniel has had a book in his hand every minute. Several times he has said: "I just CAN'T quit reading!". He comes and shares bits of the books with us. Yes, BOOKS. He is on his THIRD book this weekend.

I would like to thank John R. Erickson for his "Hank the Cowdog" books. We first started reading Hank books when Tommy was a beginning reader. Becky's MIL Nola turned us on to Hank on tape- before Becky and Stephen even hooked up! The twins joined the "Security Patrol" from the Hank the Cowdog website: and have been playing games and reading stories online.

I guess I will need to be ordering some more Hank books- the ones we purchased last week are now read!

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