Friday, May 23, 2008

Orientation & Validation

I waited on puns and noodles yesterday for Ben and Tommy to get home from Orientation. They made it in at 5:40pm- just about ten minutes before Tom got home from work.

Ben said that when they went before and took the two tests- those tests were the pre-pre-pre test and the pre-pre test. Yesterday was the orientation to tell them what to expect on the actual test, and then he and Tommy were allowed to begin the actual PRE-TEST for the GED. First they were given their scores on the last series of tests: The highest score attainable was 12.9- which was equivalent to 12th grade, 9th month (graduating senior). (This leads me to believe the test was the TABE). Tommy score 12.9 on every section of the test. Ben scored 12.9 on every section except one- he got a 12.5 in language.

The teacher said they were among the highest scores she had ever seen on that test. (Exactly what the instructor said when Ben and Tommy took the TABE four years ago to qualify to get learner's permits in Oklahoma.... Tommy topped out almost every subject then as well. The instructor back then CALLED me to tell me that. The boys just had to prove that they could read at an 8th grade level, but were given the whole TABE battery.)

So! After Orientation, the boys were allowed to begin on the five official pre-tests for the GED. Each test had a (generous, according to Ben) time limit. He made it through three of the pre-tests before his "brain shut down". Tommy went through four of the tests. The have to return on Tuesday, at which time they meet with a teacher (purpose unclear!) and finish the pre-tests. Then they can begin the GED at any time: Immediately after finishing the pre-tests, or on another day. The five GED tests can be taken the same day, or spread over a couple of days.

Ben and I both agreed that they should not start directly after finishing the pre-tests. They will go back on Wednesday and Thursday of next week to take the GED over a two day period. That way their brains will be fresh! To get their diplomas, they have to score an average of 450 points over all five tests: but no single test score lower than 410 points. (The highest attainable test score is 800).

I am pleased at how well they have done already. Just as I was with how well Becky did when she got her GED in Texas. They are 'proving up' on their homeschooling. I still need to talk to Mr C about some sort of celebration!

Tommy and Tom are at this very moment at the place for Tommy to take his road test to get his driver's license. Five down and two to go! (Kids licensed to drive). I am excited for Tommy. He should do very well. And the spider bite on his face is cleared up enough that he won't be mortified to have his driver's license picture taken.

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