Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wasted time, Wasted Money

That describes today's trip to the doctor. He was NOT one of the doctors that saw Tommy yesterday. So we had to go over everything again. He never actually touched Tommy- said he would take our word that it looked 'better'. (Because he freaked out when he saw it!) He had Tommy follow his fingers with his eyes (testing tracking), told us to keep doing what we are doing- and that will be ANOTHER $78. please. But it is enough better that he wasn't hospitalized.

Tommy's eye is not swollen closed today. The bite drainage looks gross- horribly gross.
Oh, and Daniel has a spider bite (can tell by the double puncture marks) on his arm. Swelled nicely to look like a second elbow about three inches below his actual elbow, with accompanying pussy sore. greeeeaaat! I stopped and bought spider spray on my way home- but the doctor said "IF" it is a brown recluse, the spray will not get them- they have to be gassed with bug bombs, as their legs carry their vital parts too high for the spray to damage. (Unless directly squirted... and if you are close enough to squirt the spider, you may as well smash it)

So I have to find someplace to go for several hours- bomb the house, air it out, spray it... maybe spray one day, bomb another? I don't know. I don't HAVE any place I can go for three or four hours. (With five kids and two dogs).

I am out about $150 for a prescription, which is essentially all the doctors did. (OK, since it is working, I have no complaint- but it aggravates me to be charged twice when nothing more was done- had to be the easiest $78 of their day)

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sassy_seneca said...

You should have been covered under their "follow up" rules and if he didn't have any labs, they shouldn't have charged you for that office visit. I would call and talk to their billing people tomorrow.