Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We sprayed both of the boys' rooms yesterday. Sam wasn't paying close attention when I specified that the sprayer had to be handled in a certain way- the flexible spray nozzle was never to be allowed below the level of the liquid in the bottle.

He moved the sprayer onto a stool "because it was in his way". He laid the spray nozzle down beside the bottle, rather than on top of it. I walked by and found a puddle of bug spray congregating on the stool. ARRRGH! Tommy said he was going to learn to sleep sitting up on the stool- it ought to be spider-proof for sure!

In all the cleaning and spraying, we never did find any spiders, living or dead. Maybe the boys swallowed them after being bitten.
I have been thinking and thinking, wondering WHAT I can do to earn some extra income. The Pampered Chef lady thinks I could sell PC. (But all the salespeople for home party companies say that to everyone- they earn a % of the recruits income) The trouble with the home party business, for me, is I have no base of friends or family locally to host parties for me to get started with. If I leaned on family to get me started, all my subsequent parties would be in other states.

I am good at party planning. My Mom and I got dozens of compliments and even a couple of requests for help after we put together Granny's 90th Birthday Bash. Mom's cakes go a very long way to making any party a success- and I am no where near as good at cake decorating as she is. I thought about trying 'gourmet' cooking for others- not truly gourmet, but I figure there is a market among the single guys at the hangar for meals that they only need to heat and eat. I considered Artisan Breads.... Tommy loves to bake as much as I do. Among the biggest drawbacks with that is doing it from home: Heating up the kitchen, with summer almost upon us. The air conditioner just cannot cope!

I really would like to earn money by writing. And the way to do that is to WRITE. It has been years- decades!- since I went about seriously submitting anything for publication.

I had my bi-monthly email from this morning. I have the settings for their search agent to scour jobs in the Columbus, Ohio area. Perhaps I should set it locally here again. One job on today's list was something I can do- well qualified for- and I pretty much enjoy doing. But I cannot commit to going to Ohio- unless certain other family members [-ahem-] also commit to going.

And that brings us back to ring-around-the-roses. Paralyzed with indecision. Fear of the new, fear of making mistakes, fear of moving too far away from our grown children, fear of the still-at-home grown children not having the best job opportunities if we moved, fear of the still-at-home grown children not having the best job opportunities if we stay here, fear of the still-at-home grown children moving away and leaving us behind.....
I could go on and on. If you think it makes your brain hurt- I have been here in this high-centered, wheels spinning rut for YEARS now. In my world, there is no such thing as making a decision and not second guessing it endlessly. Should I just take charge myself and force the rest of the family to follow my lead? I try to let Mr C be the head of the household- I think I have done OK at not usurping his position.

Still, it can be a struggle.

Got any job ideas for me? Let me hear them!

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Nola said...

Here are some ideas a single mom we know does:

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She makes and freezes them. This has worked out good. Her food is GREAT, no MSG, home made. Since she isn't in your area I am sure she would share her tricks.

Buy your fruits & veggies through the San Angelo Produce Coop.
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She orders wholesale and splits the cases with others. This drops the price of her cooking. She also ups the price a little for those getting the produce, still MUCH cheaper than the grocery store and fresher.

Last but not least she sells Vitamix's. They are awesome
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