Friday, May 16, 2008

Mr C and Benny have headed off to WalMart for a new battery and stuff to fix the flat tires on the mower. The grass in knee high after a week- actually just over a week's worth of growth. We have had so much rain, we haven't been able to get out and mow. Tommy and Ben tried to mow yesterday- but the mower tires went flat so quickly that the lawn was cut in lopsided swipes. They had to give it up.

Daniel's spider bite- without oral antibiotics in his system- is still producing pus and gunk. Tommy's is almost healed up. I think he has a couple of days head start on healing, in addition to the antibiotics. Dan's is looking better.

I have found three hundred dollars worth of 'supplemental' stuff from the Critical Thinking catalog. I have another hundred and fifty or so in curriculum 'needs' from other catalogs. That is just for the twins. We will be checking out college course and/or Technical School classes for Ben and Tommy. One more week until Tommy's driver's license test- and the GED test is the day before that.

I still haven't figured out where we can go for half a day- but Mr C is supposed to pick up some bug foggers while he is out. I hope they kill the stupid ants. My kitchen cleaning person last night failed to wipe off the counter tops (and I failed to inspect!) and a jelly jar lid was left on it. Zillions of ants were trailing through this morning.

I don't get many opportunities to post over the weekends, So I may not be back on here until Monday! So, until next time, be blessed .

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