Sunday, May 25, 2008

List- updated 5/25/08

At least one of my kids has asked me what would I like for Mother's day.

Some days I have answers, some days I don't.

Ok- I like to read: a gift certificate to a book store, or Amazon.

I love silk fabric- anything silk would be great.

Flowers.... or potted plants. (like I don't have enough!)

Wine- yeah your mom the alchie. (But I still think Merlot and Sangria are NASTY!) (Chardonnay, Chablis, Rhine, Mountina rhine, Mountain Chablis, I like all these)

A visit from you.

Here is one Chris can bribe Seneca for: A good picture of me.

Pictures of my grandkids (What Mom doesn't love that?)

Magnets from Anne Taintor

Anything that makes me laugh

A Ferdinand the bull cookie jar by Twin Winton (Sometimes on ebay) Seneca and Chris got me the Ferdinand! Oh boy! Thank you so much!

I also like this Twin Winton cow:

Front loader washing machine (someday when you get rich)

Move in next door to me

A digital camera Got myself one for Mother's Day

A better computer Got a new computer today! Hooray! Happy dance!

Guess you could use this list for other occasions.... maybe I will keep it updated.


truth said...

I like this. I think every mom should keep a running list-then when an occasion arises, nobody can say "I had no idea what you wanted."

Becky said...

I told Stephen "well I guess This is what we will get Mom for Mothers Day" and highlighted one. He is across the room, but read the list last night, and he guessesd what it was right away.... move in next door... He's so smart.

Nola said...

Yea on the computer! Does that mean I will get to chat with you again on Yahoo?