Thursday, May 22, 2008

Off Like A Herd of Turtles

Or possibly something faster.
Ben and Tommy are on their way to the GED orientation. I am nervous- and I have nothing to be nervous about!

The twinks and I have been working on lessons today- we finish the next to the last unit of Science tomorrow. We have about a week left in Social Studies. Zoom zoom zoom- the school year is flying by. I have been 'unemployed' for almost six months now. (Seeing as how Mr C doesn't count Matthew as employment).

I have been 'actively' dieting for a week. Including my mile and a half hike yesterday, calorie counting, and abstaining from Adult Beverage- my total accumulated weight loss: Zero. Rather disappointing.

I stepped on the scale this morning and Mr C saw me. He had to run and see what I weighed- then start making alarm sounds. (ZWOOOT ZWOOOT ZWOOT WARNING: OVERLOAD ZWOOT ZWOOT!) He says I ought to go on a diet. I didn't mention I have been on one for a week- what is the point in telling him? He has snide remarks about every bite I eat that he doesn't think I should have. He asks: doesn't being fat bother me?
I told him, "No, not when the person assessing my fat is you!"
I know he is a VERY POOR judge of weight. People he swears weigh 300 lbs are about 240. Someone who actually weighs 300- he says they are "at least 500lbs". Maybe he is like a TV camera- people on camera always appear heavier than they really are.
I also didn't remind him that he was still calling me fat when I starved myself down to 89 lbs.

I have decided to diet for myself. I don't care to hear what he thinks about my weight. Him urging me to diet makes me want to dig in my heels and eat Cheetos. Good thing I don't have any!
My BIL and I were having a competition to see who could lose more weight before next time we see each other. I haven't lost any at all- so if he has, he is safe: for now! Not that we have any plans to go to Ohio in the near future. Maybe I can take off a few pounds before we do go.

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