Monday, May 12, 2008

De- Frag (update added)

Saturday evening, Mr C deleted the computer cookies, shut down the extraneous programs, and started the computer on defrag. At 6:00 am Sunday, it was to 33%. By 4:00 pm, it was up to 58%. At about 5, I couldn't stand it any more and shut off the defrag. I checked my emails, read quickly through my favorite blogs and boards, then restarted the defrag process from the beginning- shutting off all the extras, deleting the cookies... It was to 68% when I went to bed- and at 78% when Mr C got up this morning.

It isn't like we don't defrag on a regular basis. It has been less than 2 weeks since the last full defrag.

Anyway- my Mother's Day went OK. Tom and the boys cooked me steak and roasted veggies, corn on the cob, and asparagus. Three of the kids called... including Ben calling me from the laundry room. My life with comedians.
Tom gave me a scratch off that 'won' $50. Those just aggravate me so bad- total waste of money. So this one won $50. How much does he blow on them every week? A lot more than they EVER win.

Mr C said there is no hope for it- I have to find a job. I guess I will have to find something part time, in the evenings. Otherwise I have to let Wanda and Dale down on taking care of Matthew, and lose all we have gained so far in homeschooling since I quit with Eagle. I was hoping to postpone it for awhile- I want the grandkids to get to visit this summer.

I do have Matt for an extra day this week- Eagle notified Dale (via email!) that he has classes in DFW this week. Starting tomorrow, I have Matt from 5:30 instead of 6:15 am, plus Thursday. I don't see how Eagle can operate like that- last minute notifications; forcing folks to attend classes (even folks from out of town) on Easter Sunday; causing people to have to change plans to accommodate the lack of planning on Eagle's part.
Yeah, I COULD go back to work for them without loss of company seniority, if I did it within the next three weeks. I don't want to. They don't have part time. They treat the better employees like crap and allow the slackers to rule the roost.
I found out at the PC party on Saturday, they now have full video surveillance of the parts room. If only they would put it to good use. See who actually carries the load and who is dead weight getting promoted. Not that it would do any good to see the slackers in (lack of) action- they are protected by the union!

I am trying really hard to avoid being depressed.
Tommy has another spider bite! This time it is near his eye. Scarily near. Like right in the corner of the eye, near the tear duct, except it is actually on the nose. His eye is swelled almost closed, and he has a weeping big blister. I have been having him keep colloidal silver on it. It really scares me, but Mr C doesn't think he needs to see a doctor over it... the last bite cleared up in a few days time. Tommy has also been sleeping a lot during the daytime- something he hasn't done in the past. Just boredom, or is he sick?
Tommy JUST got up. I am now on hold with the Doctor's office- his eye is worse. I will be taking him to the Dr. .... His appointment is at 10 am. Ben will have to watch Matt for me.
I know I had other stuff to say- but it has all flown out the window with the one look at Tommy. Please be praying for us! I will try to update later.

We got back from the doctor's office. They told us to keep doing some things we had been doing (hot wet compresses and ibuprofen), stop doing other things we had been doing (what is colloidal silver? I think you should stop using that for now) and modify some things (use a fresh cloth for every compress change).
The doctors conferenced and decided to try a "strong new anitbiotic" (Levaquin) that the drug company reps had just dropped off rather than admitting him immediatly into the hospital for intravenous antibiotics. He is scheduled to come back again tomorrow for evaluation. I am unable to post a picture, because the digital camera I bought myself for Mother's Day has "software incompatible with my computer". Mr C griped at me for "spreading gloom and disaster all over the internet. I said I was posting to request your prayers. And most people reading this have or will pray for Tommy. Thank you very much.

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Jenni said...

Oh dear, Tammy...I will pray that the bite gets better quickly, and that you find the perfect solution to the job situation!