Thursday, May 15, 2008

Six Years, Four weeks, and three days

That is how long I have left until ALL of my kids are 'grown'. It makes me sad to think of it.

Tommy's spider bite is looking MUCH better. Daniel's is just beginning to drain out- gross! I have him soaking his bite in Epsom salts. When he is done, we will use the water on my two little rose bushes. (Makes them bloom more!)

Last night, Mr C asked me if I was "still doing school with the boys". I said, "yes- why do you ask?" He said I "sure seemed defensive about it".
Maybe because the question implied I wasn't schooling them?
We just sit around playing on the high speed internet and eating bon-bons.
I don't know what I am using all the printer paper and ink on.... hmmm- could it be the thirty or so copies I make each day for our lessons?
He has ALREADY said I have to go back to work- I guess it just seems that asking if I am doing what I stayed home to do sounds like he is doubting me.
He never DID say why he asked me the question. Perhaps it is was just phrased poorly.
To me, a better question might have been: "How is school going?"
After 23 years, I should KNOW his tone of voice doesn't necessarily mean he is as snarky as he sounds.
Oh, this day is off to a grand start. First of all, Matt didn't like breakfast, pushed it away after three bites. So I added some things I know he likes, and he finally ate. He got up from the table, and ran down the hall.
Sam comes out gagging and yelling at Ben that there is cat poop all over the floor. (Ben had taken the cat box rugs to be washed.)
Matt runs by- and I grabbed him before he stepped in the 'cat poop'. I discovered it wasn't cat poop.
Matt had catastrophic diaper failure. His diaper was in his pajama leg- and the diaper contents were coming out in clumps. *gag*
So I got to clean up Matthew, and the floors. I gave him a swish through the bathtub. I opened his diaper bag- and found his extra juice had leaked all over his clean clothes.

Did I start out this post with some whining about all my kids growing up? Can I say I am thankful I don't have a house full of toddlers needing to be potty trained? Kids that can tell me what they want to eat- better still, make what they want without help? They don't change their minds day to day on what they will or won't eat. My kids are past the age of refusing to take a nap, then being impossible from not having one. I am past the days of having crayoned walls and watching Toy Story four times a day. In some ways, that is sad- somewhere in the memory. Then there is the REALITY of a toddler to remind me why God has our kids grow up.

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