Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Gravy is one of the 'code' words we use in our family.

It started when Becky was beginning to drive. I am the driving instructor of choice- less likely to dissolve into spittle and hyperventilation. (Not that I don't- just I am less prone to it). I still have a strong tendency to tell whichever kid is driving: 'slow down for this corner- no more than xx miles an hour'. 'Come to a complete stop behind the stop sign'. 'BOTH HAND ON THE WHEEL!' 'Don't adjust the radio while the car is moving'.

or "Gravy".

We watch a lot of older cartoons. Remember the one where the bulldog takes the cat from house to house, collecting rewards for returning the kitty to his owners? The dog is always rewarded with steak, and he tells the cat "And don't forget the GRAVY!" We had just watched that cartoon one day before Becky went out for her driving.
For the five hundred and some odd time, I was reminding Becky to use her turn signal. "And don't forget the... (she turned on her signal before I could finish)..." She finished my sentence "Gravy". So the next time I had to remind her to turn on her signal- I said "GRAVY!". She was puzzled for half a second and then flipped on her turn signal.

A new definition was born at our house.

Yesterday Tommy was driving us to the library. I was ready for him to turn, and I said "Gravy". Tommy signalled. Daniel was with us, and says, "I think I FINALLY understand why you say 'gravy'! It's because gravy is usually a side dish, and you say it when you want the driver to go to one side or the other".

I told him our "gravy" is just a reminder to use a turn signal, and how it came about. But I think his reasoning showed a lot of thought and logic put to something that really had no logic behind it.

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Becky said...

Well, that is pretty smart.