Friday, April 4, 2008

And The Winner IS....

Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

Was there even a contest?
Not really. But there was a product comparison test at our house. MY Mr C. was looking for something to take off the sticky residue left on our glass door after having tinted film removed.

We had one partially used generic 'magic eraser' on hand, I suggested he try it. It worked wonderfully, until it was used up.

So Mr C went to town and got more. He noticed there were the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and Great Value brand Miracle Cleaning Erasers. He got a box of each for side by side comparison.
It is his valued opinion that the Mr Clean Magic Erasers did a "slightly better" job of removing the sticky residue, and "was certainly more durable" than the Great Value erasers.

We now have a residue free back glass.
Aren't you happy to know that?

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