Monday, April 7, 2008

I Love My Kids

This afternoon I needed to go to the store. But I didn't WANT to go. (Whine whine). We are out of almost everything, and I am tired of trying to figure out how to make a meal of three ingredients. So, I sent Ben and Tommy. It is wonderful to hand a list to the teens, along with the car keys... and *I* don't have to go out.

This morning, the twins have been hard at work on their new loom. This is the one they built from tree branches, with their Grandpa Bill's help. Mr C helped them finish it on Saturday, adding the pegs it needed. They have been weaving at every opportunity since then. Anyway, this morning Matthew is getting a bit too close to Sam as he weaved. After having tramped and tangled the yarn several times, Sam crabbed at Matt: "Would you PLEASE MOVE?!! You are POLLUTING my peripheral vision!"

I mentioned having to go talk with the neighbor lady. Their puppies reminded me of a *WHERE Do My Kid's Come UP With This Moment*. Before our dogs were broken, they had "friendly relations" with the neighbor's female dog. Those pup's grew up, and one of those pups produced a litter of its own. When he saw the new puppies, Dan came to me and stated, "Drover can die happy now. He has GRAND KIDS".


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