Thursday, April 10, 2008


Big Storms hit several of my family members last night. Becky and Ty flew out of Snanjlo ahead of, and around a system that produced a tornado in Breckenridge, Texas. By the time she landed at DFW, tornadoes were popping up around here like microwave popcorn. I called our family in the area and had them keep Becky overnight.
This morning, I called my Aunt Jean to wish her a Happy Birthday. She said the storms there (she is also in the DFW Metroplex) had really hit hard over near my Mom's place, and over by Brown Trail in Hurst. Chris and Seneca live one block off of Brown Trail. So I called everyone. They are all safe- Mom's neighbor had a huge cottonwood fall- and missed Mom's house by inches. The power was out at Chris', and even the schools were dismissed for the day due to the storm damages.
Becky said Stephen had told her he was glad she wasn't home last night, as THEY had storm damages. It ripped off a portion of Becky and Stephen's roof! May I direct you to my friend Nola's blog where she has pictures of the damages?
Around here, we had a LOT of rain. The pond is almost to the property line separating the neighbors place from ours. Tommy and I did shopping today, and if it isn't on a hill, it is underwater. Run-off is still flooding the roadways- the major roadways- around here.
While we were out, I got the roll of film developed from last month- we just finished it off. I will be adding some relevant photos to a couple of earlier blogs. If I can figure out how to get them from the disk to the computer to the Internet... this disk says it can only operate on Windows 2000 and above... my OS is MUCH older!
Stephen, Becky, and Tyrel~ March 2008

Oh, and tonight the Weather Guessers are predicting even worse storms than last night.

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