Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dan and Sam's Loom

I decided to give the boy's loom its own post. Daniel and Sam got their start weaving this school year. In studying the ancient Sumerians for Social studies, we learned that they wove their own cloth. I got a small lap loom, and Dan and Sam had a blast weaving tiny little mats. These were too small even to use for placemats, but the boy's did make Jade (their step-niece) a handbag for her birthday.
The lap loom is great for in the car. We ordered ours through Rainbow Resource Center. When we went to Texas during the first part of March, I suggested that maybe Grandpa Bill could help the boys build a larger loom in his workshop. Grandpa suggested maybe the boys should build their OWN loom, "like the Indians did". He sent the boys out into the woods, where they used their ever present Multi-Tools to hack down a small dead tree. Grandpa took the tree into the shop, and used his fauncy machinery to put together a more or less square frame. Then we had to head for home.
At home, the loom frame languished several weeks, until Mom and Dad remembered to buy some dowel rods to use for pegs. Dad and the older brothers helped cut the dowels to length, drill peg holes, and pound the pegs into the frames. Ta-Da!

Yes, they DO need haircuts. Dan is wearing the blue shirt, Sam is in the red shirt.

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