Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pomp, Circumstance, and Doubt

The whole Ceremony of Graduation has reared its head again in my mind. Triggered this time by an invitation for Ben and Tommy to their friend EJ's graduation. At least I assume it is a graduation invitation. Central High High usually has this in May. (Mr C said it might be an invitation to EJ's wedding... but I don't think so!)

So here on the desk is a thick envelope addressed to the boys from EJ. When we get graduation announcements from kids we have been close to over the years, I try to send them a little something. Tommy and EJ have been best friends for more than 10 years.

Then I start thinking about my kids. Becky was my first homeschool graduate. We didn't do announcements, and there was no Ceremony to invite people to attend. Ben 'graduated' last year... but we decided to re-do the Senior year so he could get a proper diploma from an accredited online school.
Unfortunately, we were 'struck by lightening'. Literally. It fried the computer that had all of the home school records-to-date. The online school wanted a transcript, and I couldn't provide an accurate one. Ben and Tommy both began working on the Senior materials- and breezing through them- of an accredited curriculum provider. So they can do the work and we are going to have them take the GED test to 'prove up' on their educations.

But there is no Ceremony involved. No invitations to issue. I don't know about sending announcements- we didn't send them out for Becky. Are the boys missing out on a huge Life Moment by not having a stage to walk across in a shiny satin gown and mortarboard cap?

For me, my graduation was a "big deal". I had been estranged from (half of) my parents, who were sure I would never graduate because I left home and got married. I didn't drop out.
I was the first high school graduate in my family.
That is the FIRST EVER to graduate, as far as I am aware.
My Mom was at my graduation, but Dad and SM had to attend the 50th wedding anniversary of SM's parents. Both are Really Big Events in ones Life Moments. Same date, three and a half hours apart.

Chris and Bill had the Ceremony, graduating from Central High High. Lots of family came in- we made an event of it. Took up three rows of chairs at the school- had something like 23 people spending the night at our house. (We had a big house back then!) (That number didn't include the folks who came but stayed in motels)

So here I am today- sitting here with an invitation envelope in front of me. Wondering what to do about my boys. Throw a big party and invite: Who? Family for sure- but we lack friends and roots here. We don't have room to overnight a huge crew, nor local support for an overflow crowd. We don't have a church fellowship to ask to have a small ceremony... I feel so inadequate.

I have two brilliant boys graduating soon. Talented, NICE, thoughtful, helpful, terrific boys. I want to do MORE for them than I can see as possible.

Ideas, anyone?


sassy_seneca said...

They can dress as Stormtroopers and we can play the Star Wars theme and they can fire their guns at the end instead of throwing their caps!!! And we can have your yummy enchilittles!!!

Becky said...

Well I don't feel like I missed out on anything. I wish I had went and watched my friends graduate, but as I would be getting married the next week, I didn't. But I think I will try to go to EJ's graduation if the boys go.