Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Power of the Spoken Word

I noticed when I was a teen I had to watch the words that came out of my mouth. The things I said "in passing", happened. The kids at school thought it was weird and scary- some of them called me a witch- which I am not. Testing out the power of the spoken word one morning to a bunch of skeptics- I told them the bus was going to be late getting us to school, and we would miss First Period, where the teacher was going to have given a Pop Quiz.

We hadn't travelled much farther down the bus route when the bus just stopped dead.
The driver sent one of the older students up to the nearest house to call the school. The school sent out another bus, and we all eventually made it to school- where we had missed First Period and my class had been given a Pop Quiz. I thought I just "knew" things that were going to happen. I later figured out that the spoken word has power. I wasn't thinking one day when a boy who had a crush on me and tormented me constantly was showing off in front of the school. He leaped onto the back of a friend's car. He yelled something smart at me, and I yelled back "I hope you fall off and break your neck". I didn't mean it. as the words left my mouth, the driver gunned the car- and the boy fell off. I screamed "NOOOOOO!"

The boy ended up going by ambulance to the hospital- Thankfully he didn't break his neck. Just his collarbone and an arm. Word got around the school quickly, mostly because it wasn't an isolated incident for me. It sounds like fiction, I know.

I began to be VERY careful of what I spoke upon people. Once I was grown and had studied more about the Bible, I learned that God teaches people about being careful of the words they speak. The very Universe we know came about because God spoke it into existence.

In recent years, I have forgotten the lessons I learned in my youth. I haven't been careful about what I speak. Yesterday afternoon, it hit me again.
Matthew's mom was here to pick him up. I was walking her to the car, because on Wednesday all of Matt's belongings go home. (They bring a fresh batch of toys each week). Matt scampered around the yard while Wanda and I talked. He was less than co-operative when the time came to get into the car and go. Wanda walked across the yard and picked Matthew up. He was kicking her and fighting. I said, "Drop him on his head, mama- if he isn't going to be a good boy".

Down they went. Wanda tripped in a hole in the yard, unseen as she struggled with Matthew. She fell forward, Matt cushioned somewhat by her arms. Wanda looked at me- and laughed. She said, "That was amazing timing!". I was horrified.

They weren't hurt. It did remind me that I should be careful of what I speak.

You can sit there and read this and wonder if I really believe that what I speak makes a difference in the events in the world around me. Yes, I really believe it. I have seen it happen too many times. I should be speaking GOOD things.
If I am wrong, what difference does it make whether I speak out good rather than evil things? But if I am right (and I know I am) , then speaking good things needs to be a way of life.


buckynay17 said...

I believe you because I have the same thing...It terrified me in public school when kids would fall to the ground playing and say "I'm dead".
But for me I just sometimes "know" things...I don't have to speak them, I just think them.
Love, LG

sassy_seneca said...

I want you to say this over and over....
Seneca will have good luck, Seneca will have good luck, Seneca will have good luck, Seneca will have good luck......

truth said...

I learned a long time ago the power of our words. Like you said, God spoke and through his words He created. Life and death are in the power of the tongues and it is very important the words we speak-curses and blessings. It is our choice, now isn't it. I want to choose life and blessing.

I don't think you're weird at all.