Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April One-th

We are all feeling much better here and getting back on track with school work. I am remembering all over again how I sound, and 'look' to people. Matthew has been mimicking me. I yelled at Ben and Tommy to let the dog OUT of a confined space they had him trapped in. Matthew duplicated my posture and 'repeated' what I said- though the only word I actually understood was "OUT!"

So he has about a dozen words now that I can understand. He 'talks'- a chatterbox gibberish that throws a 'real' word in fom time to time. I work with trying to get him to repeat words for me- he grins and nods and doesn't even try. An awful lot like Bill Joe was. Maybe one day soon, Matt will break out in complete, easily understood sentences. For now, it is still mostly fingernail-on-the-blackboard shrieks and screeches.

I never did think of any good practical jokes to play on anyone. Unless maybe the house agent calls with the folks wanting to see the house. We call all hide, and jump out and yell "Surprize!" when they walk in.

We are one unit away from the boys getting to build their solar powered toys in Science. They have been anxious to do that since I ordered them, back when I quit at Eagle. In the kids section at the library, I couldn't find anything good on Solar power. The one book I did find was from the late 80's- and Solar cells have come a very long way since then. We need to go to the library this afternoon, so maybe I can find something in the adult section. The boys would like to actually build a solar cell, if possible.

It is alread time to be thinking of books for 'next year'... if I want to get new books at a discount from some of the Home-School suppliers. I got most of the things I used this year from Rainbow Resources... they seem to have everything-literally- that I saw in anyone elses catalog at close to the same cost.
Well, we are falling behind for the day because I am still sitting here- time to be on those lessons!

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