Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm temporarily out of my mind... please leave a message

Ben and Tommy drove Becky home yesterday. They are going to be helping Stephen get some form of roof over B&S' trailer. The financial hammer hit really hard- and we weren't even able to help buy the kids gas to get to west Texas.

I suppose I will be forced into going back to work.

I am hoping the kids can get the house roofed and get back here fairly quickly. Tommy's birthday is next week. I have a couple of blogs planned for next week- maybe before. One is revisiting "Earth Day: Revenge of the Trees". The other just a review of the life and times of Tommy, for his birthday.

Both of those occasions revolve around April 22nd.

Tomorrow is Tax Day! Thankfully, ours have been finished for awhile. It is also Tom's mom's 75th birthday. Note to grandkids: Give her a call!
When I spoke to her yesterday, she didn't mention her birthday present, so I am hoping it arrives there today or tomorrow. I really wish I had a picture of her face when she sees the cat treats in the basket. The card I got her has a picture of a cat that looks like Mom's cat... and the cat on the card is saying how wonderful the recipient is. Opening the card, it informs her that when someone pays you a compliment on your birthday, you should feed them. So I put kitty treats in the basket for her kitty. (There are items just for Mom, too.)

It is FREEZING here. The second morning in a row that has been in the 20*'s when I let Dale and Matthew in. It is mid- April. In the South. I guess all the cold is caused by global warming.
My garden will have to be re-started. It may have had to be re-started anyway. I haven't been out through the mud to check, but we have had torrential rains since it was planted. Like six inches in a three day period... on already soggy ground. The pond that is between our house and the neighbors has been overflowing its banks again... and their tent blew into it. They fished it out once, but left it on the shore to dry... and then the pond rose six feet. Maybe when they pull it out again, it will be full of fish!

Matthew just woke up, so I need to go make him some breakfast. Perhaps I will think of a good blog topic for later.

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