Sunday, April 6, 2008

Joining the Spider Stories

Two of my blogging kids have posted spider stories in the last week. What IS it with spiders in this family?

I was making my bed with fresh clean sheets yesterday, and as I raised the mattress, a spider ran out from under the mattress and up the side. I ran screaming away backed off quickly until I determined it was just a fly spider. Around here we call these "Mom Spiders", because I don't let anyone kill fly spiders.

However, protected or not, spiders are NOT allowed in my bed.


I brushed the spider off the bed and it ran under the roll top desk. I didn't pursue it.

There are plenty of flies around here for it to munch on, so I am sure it didn't mind relocating... at least not mind so much that it comes back stalking me in the night.

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