Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thoughts in the Night

I was awake during the night last night, due to another internal thermostat malfunction. I began to think about all the boxes of "stuff" I have packed away. My 'treasures', such as they are. Packed and stored while we are entering into our fifth year of "temporary" living.

Somehow, my thinking drifted to to the Israelites wandering 40 years in the wilderness. What should have taken them only a short time to traverse took FORTY YEARS. That is a long time to lug around your 'treasures', living in the temporary.

They were learning to trust God. How long did it take them to get tired of "living out of boxes" (OK, not literal boxes) and just leave their treasured stuff behind? How long to quit whining about what they gave up when they started the move?

So what am I supposed to be learning? Let go of my stuff. Most of it isn't a real treasure to anyone but me. When I let go of the stuff , what happens next?
I don't know.
I just keep wandering around out here in the wilderness waiting for the temporariness of the journey to end and the permanence of being settled into My Home to begin.

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