Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No License

Tommy and I went out bright and early this morning quest to become reluctantly kicking and screaming official Arkansawyers.

Tommy cleared the first hurdle:
Passing the Arkansas Written Exam. Hooray Tommy!

The second hurdle- the driving test:

You have to wait 30 days after passing the witten test before you can take the driving test.

I suppose that is so all those written answers have plenty of time to soak into your brain.

Anyway- He can take the road test on May 23rd... if it is not raining or wet. Yep, that is a stipulation. You cannot take the road test if the roads are wet, nor if your car is dirty. (!)

Since it would be another half hour drive on over to the Revenuers office to get my license taken care of... I "postponed" it (again) until I have some reason to make the drive worthwhile.

Whew- I have escaped official Arkansawyerhood for another day!

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