Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blown Opportunity

I was washing my bedding today. Those night sweats left my poor down comforter rah-thur smelly. The three loads prior to the comforter did fine. Even the first run through of the comforter went OK. I just haaaad to run it a second time. The rinse cycle of the second run was the death of the washer.

Everyone knows I have wanted a front loading washing machine, practically forever. I could just see it in the laundry room today. But reality, practicality always wins out with me. I went to , and discovered the problem could be fixed -today- for under $20.

I called one place, Tommy called another. The part could be had locally- froma Ace Hardware in Gentry. Less than 10 miles away. Tommy and I are back from getting the broken part- Mr. C is putting it in as I type.

No shiny new front loader for me. Washing machines and dryers are just so... indestructable. Or maybe a better word is "repairable". Easily repairable. Especially if one has an internet connection and a computer.

Not like my dishes. I had wanted a set of corning dishes with the ivy pattern... but I had 40 or so perfectly good, albeit mismatched corning dishes of other patterns. One day when the twins were about 9, they were cleaning the kitchen together. One handed the other the stack of plates... pretty much the entire plate supply at once. That many plates is heavy- and the whole stack was dropped. Smithereened.

The boys started one of their rare fistfights while blaming one another for the accident. I told them not to fight. Hey I was GLAD it happened. Or not mad about it anyway. I got my Ivy pattern!

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