Sunday, April 6, 2008

Who's the April Fool?

Sunday is the day I have to get up early by myself. Mr C gets to sleep in, and I am up to let Matthew in. So I answer to the alarm this one day a week. (The rest of the time, Mr C wakes me to let Matt in).
The alarm went off this morning. I got up. Mr C got up because Jaffa ran off and refused to come when *I* called him. Dale didn't show up on time. Six-fifteen came and went. That is the latest Dale can leave here and make it to work on time.
Six-thirty came and went- Dale still hasn't even called. I was getting worried, because even the day he hit the pack of coyotes, he called.
Mr. C turned on the computer. It informed us it had 'automatically updated to daylight savings time'.
Yeah... all the pre-programmed appliances that account daylight savings time changed over last night- NOT several weeks ago when the NEW daylight savings time went into effect. Appliances including our alarm clock.
It got me up an hour too early.
Dale should have Matt here any minute now!

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